Is hardware repair assistance available for non-recommended brands?

Repair assistance is very limited for non-recommended brand computers. CRS Technicians are not certified to work on these brands and are therefore unable to obtain parts from the manufacturer that might be needed for a repair.

Do CRS technicians make on-site repair visits?

For personally-owned computers students and staff are expected to bring their computers to the CRS repair shop for any needed repairs. For Lehigh-owned computers staff are encouraged to bring their computers to the repair shop for the fastest turnaround. However, for situations where this is not possible an on-site visit to the staff members office location can be arranged.

Can CRS technicians do upgrades on computers?

Yes, upgrades can be performed on most model computers. The upgrading of parts depends on several factors, including age and condition of the computer, and the availability of parts. Typical upgrades performed by CRS technicians include memory and hard drives.

Can CRS technicians do a data backup or recovery from a failing hard drive?

Clients are expected to backup their own data prior to any work being done. Assistance with data backup or recovery is available from Student and Technology Services (for Students) or a full-time Computing Consultant (for staff).

Why is it necessary for some computers to be shipped out for repair?

For some hardware repairs, it is necessary to ship the computer back to the manufacturer for repair. Most computer vendors stipulate that if 4 or more parts are required for a repair then the system must be sent in. Also, if the computer has a "Depot Repair" warranty, the terms of the warranty require that it be sent out.  In all cases CRS technicians will make the necessary shipping arrangements.

Does an AppleCare Warranty cover accidental damage?

Yes, the AppleCare+ extended warranty does include two incidents of accidental damage repair. For repairs caused by accidental damage, there would be deductible fees, please refer to the Apple support site for details.

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