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You may have an external guest coming to your zoom meeting. Even if you have authenticated users turned on; as long as your guest has a verified zoom account, they will still be able to log into your meeting. No additional steps needed.

Currently, an authenticated zoom account does NOT need to be a Lehigh account.

 If you are unsure if your guest has a zoom account, please consider the following steps.

Please note: If authenticated user is turned off, you can use Zoom without logging into a Zoom account as an anonymous user.  This makes your meeting less secure.

You can change options for all your meetings on your user profile or at the meeting level.  For secure meetings, the recommendation is to change these settings to allow for external guest on the required individual meeting only.

When Creating a Meeting

  1. Go to https://lehigh.zoom.us

  2. IMPORTANT: Click the "Sign In" link.

 3. Log into Lehigh's SSO page using your regular Lehigh credentials. 

4. Go to "Schedule a Meeting" in the upper right

5. Set up a meeting with your desired parameters and choose your topic, date, time, and other meeting options as you normally would. 

6. Uncheck "Only authenticated users can Join"

7. (Recommended) Check the "Waiting Room"

Note: If you sent the link to the meeting, your passcode will be embedded in the link.  However if you send the Meeting ID only – the participant will also need the passcode if used.

While in the meeting

As a host, you can add a waiting room to a meeting using the security settings.

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