Embedding a Google Calendar in a website is a convenient way of allowing a large number of people to see a calendar.

1.  Open your Google Calendar, and in the calendar list on the left, click the 'vertical ellipsis' button next to the calendar you want to embed, and select Settings and sharing.


2.  In the Settings window, scroll down to the 'Integrate Calendar' section.  

The code snippet there, entitled 'Embed Link' that starts "<iframe src=. . .", can be copied and pasted into an html page to display your calendar.

3.  Click 'Customize' in order to specify the title, included elements, size, color, and default display option of the embedded calendar (Week, Month, Agenda).

After making any changes, get a fresh copy of the the embed code from the top of the page to paste into your website.

Note that multiple calendars can be displayed.

Google Calendar Embed Customize

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