All students that are registered for a course will automatically have view access to all the professor's videos that are in that course folder. But students cannot upload videos in the course folder.

You can change student access rights to allow students to create (IE add) Panopto videos by creating an assignment folder in your course.  By default, only you and your individual student will be able to view the videos added to the the assignment subfolder in your course. A student will not be able to view another students videos unless permissions are updated.

Helpful Information about sharing folders:

Set Up Step 1: Create course assignment folder for your students

An assignment folder is a special subfolder (“course name [assignments]” ) that allows users that can view this folder to create and submit sessions privately. As a creator for this folder, a professor can see and control all content submitted to the assignment folder.

  1. Log into course site and go to Panopto online using course settings link in your course block
  2. Choose Overview Options
  3. Click Create Assignment Folder

Set Up Step 2: Allow students to see each other's videos and comments (optional)

You can change the assignment folder permissions, by right clicking on the assignment folder. Then choose settings.

Check allow viewers to see each other sessions.

Check all views to make notes public if you would like them to make comments in Panopto video.

You should also update the availability settings to immediately, if you do not wish to approve each video.


You can log into Panopto and move student video(s) to the parent folder for the course which should have the correct permissions for your students to view


You can share a link to the video in your course


You can have students create and manage their own folder for your course

Set Up Step 3: Post DropBox link in your Course site

Copy and Paste Assignment Folder link

Add as a URL in Course Site 

Consider copying and pasting directions below in the link descriptions for your students.

Directions for students on submitting videos in course site

  1. Open the Panopto dropbox link in course site OR 
  2. Verify that you are in the correct folder (designated by your professor) or navigate to the correct folder
  3. Click create and go to upload media (typically a MP4 or MP3 file)

Note: Students can also add videos and embed links in multiple types of activities in course site.   This is useful for a student adding a video for a grade in a course site assignment that only the professor should view. Students can view others videos in Panopto as well depending on the sharing folder permissions given.  If professors wish to have students submit a video in a discussion, they will need to set up in a forum activity. Then the professor will need to determine where they would like the students to keep these videos and who should have viewing access.

Directions for students creating videos with Panopto

Students will need to download the recorder for Panopto using the link in the Panopto block in your course. Then they can open the recorder and sign in to Panopto to create a new recording for your class in the assignment folder. Please download and share the following pdf with your students if they are using a computer to create videos.

Student Panopto Computer Directions.pdf

Your student can also download the Panopto app for android or apple smart phone and upload videos to your courses.   Once the app is dowloaded, the student must enter; then login using their Lehigh credentials.  The recommendation is to use a computer for editing or file management.