Your Zoom cloud recordings will be stored for a maximum of 120 days and then automatically deleted.  If you would like to save your recording for personal use and permanent storage, you can download from the "My recordings" page in Zoom.  If you would like to save your recording for future academic uses, please transfer your recordings to Panopto.

  1. Go to

  2. IMPORTANT: Click the "Sign In" link. 

 3. Log into Lehigh's SSO page using your regular Lehigh credentials. 

***NEW*** You can also now share or download your recording from zoom cloud storage if you are faculty and staff. Please be advised that your video will only be available on zoom for 120 days. You can can control who has access by creating a password or restricting to only those with a Lehigh account.

See Screen Shot below – 

  • Access recordings.
  • Find the recording you want to view and check the topic.
  • Click "share" to get a URL link OR Click "MORE" and download the files.

You may see several files types when you download including captioning and audio only. By default, the audio/video file (MP4) will be named Zoom_0.mp4. The audio only file (M4A) is named audio_only.m4a.  The local recording is an mp4 file that displays what’s visible in the session. All participants video feeds are shown and if there’s shared content that screen is part of the recording with just the speaker visible. When a session is recorded to the cloud, there can be multiple recordings depending on what happens in the session - speaker view/shared screen, gallery view/shared screen, shared screen and audio. 

See this link for more about different recording views -

Once your files have downloaded, learn how to upload the MP4 video file to Panopto.

Captioning in Zoom Cloud Recordings

Editing Zoom Captioning

Additional Resources:

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