Although LTS-Managed LAN storage spaces are the recommended location for storing computer files, there are circumstances in which they must be stored locally on individual desktop computers. This is usually due to either the size of the files, limited network bandwidth in specific locations, or limitations of the software used to create them. In these cases, it's crucial for users to create backups of those files on another storage location to protect the work done to create them. The likelihood of failure for an individual desktop computer's hard drive is too high to risk not doing so.

LTS's recommended solution for desktop backup is Code42 CrashPlan, by Code42 software. Licenses for this software must be purchased for each individual user, but affords each user the ability to back up any amount of data from multiple devices to Code42's internet storage servers, or to on-site storage servers here at Lehigh. Storage on local servers requires additional fees, but allows for somewhat better performance, and may allow compliance with grant restrictions regarding disposition of data.

If funds aren't available, it is still possible to use free software and / or built-in utilities to back up your files. These utilities have fewer capabilities and features, require more user intervention, and aren't centrally monitored by LTS. As well, the user will need to find the storage space on which the backups are to be stored. Using an available external hard drive, or setting up another computer to share a directory over the network, are options. Examples of programs include Windows' Backup and Restore, and Mac OS X's Time Machine. See your Computing Consultant for more information.

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