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While LTS provides and manages a number of Computerized Classrooms and Computing Sites for general-purpose computing across campus, individual departments within colleges in the university also maintain their own special-purpose computer labs as well. These labs are usually set up for the use of a specific type of software or hardware, and may be limited to access by specific sets of students, faculty or staff. Each of these labs is supported directly by it's hosting department with assistance from their College's computing support team.

College of Arts and Sciences Labs:

Art | Architecture | DesignDigital Design Lab, Product Design LabChandler-Ullman 307Christine KreschollekDan Brashler
JournalismBrown and White Production Lab, Mac LabCoppee 304Matt VetoDan Brashler
PhysicsIntro LabsLewis Lab 210, 220, etc.Rich WhiteDan Brashler
ChemistryIntro Chem Laptop Carts (2)STEPS 190, etc.Denise BeautreauDan Brashler
Earth, Env. Sci.STEPS Project Lab, EES Teaching Lab, Precision LabSTEPS 116, 581,591George YaskoDan Brashler
BiologyIntro Bio Laptops, Genomics (3 Carts)STEPS 480, Iacocca 104Lee GrahamDan Brashler