Lehigh users frequently need to manage not only their own email account, but also those of other users or departments ('in-accounts').  The steps below allow a user to quickly switch between their 'primary' account and another, 'additional' account. This is called 'Delegating Access' to the additional account, and is the first step toward consolidating access into a single interface.  Click on the screenshots to enlarge them.

1.  Log into the 'additional' account first, via the web interface:  https://mail.google.com/a/lehigh.edu

2.  Click on the 'Gear' icon in the upper right-hand corner, and select 'Settings'.

3.  Click on 'Accounts' to open that tab, and scroll to the section titled 'Grant access to your account'

4.  In the 'Grant access to your account' window, enter the email address for the 'primary' account. (The one you usually log into), and click 'Next Step'

5.  In the confirmation window, click 'Send email to grant access'

6.  Now log out of the 'additional' account, and log into your 'primary' email account.  You should find a confirmation email from 'Lehigh University Team', with a link to accept the request.

Click on that link, and get the confirmation window from the Gmail server.

7.  Click 'Confirm' in that window, and look for the 'Success!' message, and close that window.

8.  After about 30 minutes, you should be able to click on your account icon in the upper-right corner of the Gmail screen, and see the 'additional' account.  By clicking on that entry, you'll open a new browser window to that account without providing additional logon credentials.

If desired, continue to Gmail: Read Email from Another Account or 'Sending Mail from Another Gmail Account'.