The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning's DIY Video Recording Studio @ Building C is a self-serve recording studio for video content creation located in Rm. 120A inside of Building C. This studio is similar to the DIY Video Recording Studio in EWFM Library and allows users to record (and practice) presentations, lessons, interviews, and a host of other types of video content with just the press of a button and without any previous video production experience. As this room is only accessible via card swipe access for pre-approved users, its ideal use is for classes, long term projects, or faculty and students looking to create content on an ongoing basis. For single use or occasional need for DIY video recording, the studio in EWFM is recommended.

If you are an instructor or student who has a need for accessing the Building C video recording studio, please contact your Instructional Technologist or submit an Instructional Technology help request via the form at

Instructions for Recording a Video

  1. Insert USB drive
    Studio lights, camera, and confidence monitor will power on after a few seconds. Turn 
    OFF room lights using wall switch by door.

  2. Select camera position.
    Use the camera position pre-set buttons to choose the appropriate shot.

           Position 1: Standard/medium shot
           Position 2: Wide shot (use when utilizing on-screen display)
           Position 3: Close-up

    Use the confidence monitor to adjust your standing position on the floor.

  3. Optional: Turn on display
    Use the Display On/Off buttons to control the on screen display if you will be using it in your recording. Use the HDMI cable to connect your laptop.
    Adjust the mounted display so that it fully appears in your shot (display arm is strong, but move gently!)

  4. Press record.
    Press the “record” button when you are ready to begin recording. You will have 5 seconds before recording begins. Press “stop” when you are finished. Turn ON room lights using wall switch by door.

  5. Remove USB drive.
    When “record” button stops blinking, you may remove the USB drive. Your recording will appear as an MP4 file inside a new folder.

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