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Course Home Page

  1. You can drag and drop a single file directly onto your course home page! Locate the file on your computer, turn on editing on the course home page, drag and drop the file into a topic area or week.
  2. Changing the course availability for your students is located in the Edit Settings in the administration block.  Please change visible dropbox to "show", then scroll to bottom and click "save and display".
  3. All of the settings pages for resources, activities, and the course display the key options first, with less frequently used options collapsed and hidden. Use Expand all to reveal all options, or reveal individual sections.
  4. The number of topics areas, or weeks, can be changed right on the course home page. Simply turn on editing, scroll to the bottom, click on either the plus or minus icon to add or hide areas. If you click on the minus icon, the last topic area/week will be hidden.
  5. Add a resource and Add an activity menus are combined into one menu.
  6. Names of links can be changed directly from the course home page, use the pencil icon to the right of the name after editing is turned on.

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