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Addressing common issues, with a focus on LTS-managed Adobe licenses, which you may encounter.

Why do I see “Try” and “Buy” buttons and not “Install”?

The most likely reason is that your Creative Cloud Desktop app is not logged into your LTS-created account. The solution is easy and quick, and no uninstallation or reinstallation is required at all.

  1. Sign out with Creative Cloud
  2. Sign in with Creative Cloud

Why do I see a trial prompt when I sign in to Acrobat DC on my computer?

This issue mostly affected users on Windows, but occasionally on macOS, when using the Creative Cloud All Apps Temporary License.
Please see for instructions.

Why does Photoshop, or any other application (except Acrobat DC), show a trial prompt today all of a sudden?

Tuesday; March 31, 2020 — Issue reported by multiple clients, reports of resolution noted on a support Slack

Wednesday; April 1, 2020 — The issue appears to have been corrected by Adobe.
There appears to have been a thankfully short-lived issue on Adobe’s license activation related servers. You are logged in correctly, see the expected “Install” or “Open” buttons next to the installable applications in the Creative Cloud app, yet would be shown a pop-up notification like that below. This appears to have been resolved on Adobe’s end. It is recommended that users affected by this Sign out with Creative Cloud first, then Sign in with Creative Cloud again. This deactivates, then reactivates licenses and should correct the issue.

Why am I being asked to to select an account when logging in?

If asked to select an account you must select “Company or School Account” to ensure that will be signing into your LTS-managed Adobe Account.

You can avoid being presented with this choice by entering just "" into the email address field when signing in.

If you entered an email address on the Sign In page—and not the domain name "" by itself—Adobe will check to see if a “Personal” Adobe Account exists with that email address. If not, you will automatically be forwarded to Lehigh’s Single Sign-On page. If so, you will be presented with the "Select an account" page. To access your LTS-managed Adobe Account you must select “Company or School Account.”

See also Types of Adobe Accounts.

How do I uninstall Creative Cloud?

Important Note: Adobe recommends running their Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool only after all applications uninstalled, including the Creative Cloud desktop application. The cleaner tool will not fix license activation or Adobe Account related issues.