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If you or your department have arranged for an Adobe Creative Cloud user license through your Computing Consultant or Client Services team, these instructions will show you how to get started quickly and easily.

Important Points

  1. While screen captures below depict macOS, the steps and experience on Windows will be the same.
  2. Installation of the Creative Cloud Desktop App before any other is the easiest way to get started.

  3. You must have administrator privileges on your computer to install the Creative Cloud Desktop App.

  4. You may activate your license on up to two computers at any one time.
  5. If you have any questions about the requirements for your computer to run any of the Creative Cloud applications, please see


To ensure you are using your LTS-managed Adobe Account throughout the installation process:

  • Perform all of the steps in your default browser using a normal window, not an Incognito or Private window.
  • Go to
    • If you are on the “Sign in” page, proceed to the Installing Creative Cloud steps below.
    • If you are on an Adobe Account Overview page, you must first sign out by clicking on the  Account icon in the top-right, then clicking “Sign Out.”
      By not logging out of an existing, personal Adobe Account in your default browser before proceeding, the installer will automatically assume the personal identity when it opens your default browser to check for a valid Adobe Account logged-in session.

Installing Creative Cloud

  1. Using your default browser go to

  2. Enter "" in the email address field and click Continue.
    Enter just the text “” not your email address. This is a shortcut to ensure that the correct domain and your licensed account is logged into. 
    If you enter your full email address, you may be asked to choose an account type. If this occurs you must select “Company or School Account”.

    (Do not create an account. Do not log in with any of the other account options such Google, Facebook or Apple.)
  3. Log in on Lehigh Single Sign-On (SSO) page
    If your account requires Duo multi-factor authentication you will be presented with that page.
  4. Download the Creative Cloud installer from the "Available in your subscription" section.
  5. Note: This pop-up notice after clicking “Download” is simply a reminder that you will need administrator privileges to install on your computer.

  6. Locate and launch the installer. (Check your Downloads folder.)
    (On macOS you may need to to open the disk image, or .dmg, file first to find the installer application icon.)

  7. Note: After clicking Continue, your browser window will bring your default browser to the foreground again and verify your Adobe Account from earlier steps. When this has finished you will see the “You're all set” message. After a slight pause the installer application will come to the foreground again.
    In most cases you will not need to repeat the login process again, however if prompted to do so simply repeat login procedure from steps #2 and #3.
  8. Click the Start Installing button
  9. Note: When the installation is complete the main window of the Creative Cloud Desktop App will appear.
  10. Note: Now you are ready to install the Creative Cloud applications you need.

Do not click on “Try” or “Trial” buttons. These are indicators that the Adobe Account currently logged into is not entitled to any licensed software.

For reference Adobe’s official instructions are here

Note regarding Yubikey use with Duo multifactor authentication:

If you are using Duo multifactor authentication and the only factor you have registered is a Yubikey the login window for Creative Cloud might not recognizing the Yubikey. To work around this you will need to generate a list of secret, one-time tokens to enter manually. You can generate these tokens here by going to this URL: