You can create sections and section headings to organize your quiz. Sections can also be used to separate ordered questions from randomized questions in a quiz. In the example below, we'll add an academic integrity statement at the beginning of the quiz. The remaining questions in the quiz will be randomized.

Build the initial quiz

  1. Add a quiz to your course. Note: In your quiz settings, be sure that you are using "New Page: Every Question" under Layout. 
  2. Click on the quiz name in Course Site and navigate to Quiz Administration > Edit Quiz in the administration block. 
  3. To add an academic integrity statement, click "Add" on the quiz summary page and add a new question. Choose Description.
  4. Give the question a name and add your academic integrity statement. Click Save Changes.

  5. Add all of your quiz questions to the quiz. You can add them manually or add them from your quiz question bank.

Adding a section

  1. Between the first and second question on the quiz summary page, click the "Add" link. Select + a new section heading.

  2. You should now see your first question (on page 1) separated from the following question (on page 2) by a section heading field. Click on the pencil icon to edit the section name (ex: Quiz #1). Be sure to hit enter/return after typing your text. 
  3. In order to ensure that the question(s) in the initial section always appears as the first question (ordered), keep the Shuffle checkbox unchecked. If you wish to shuffle the remainder of your quiz questions, check the Shuffle checkbox in the following section only.

  4. Review the questions and question order on your quiz summary page before deploying your quiz.

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