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Some tips on how to write good Quiz Questions.

Before you can create a quiz in Course Site, you have to add/create questions that will be used on the quiz.

Go to the gear icon in the top right corner of your course screen. From the dropdown, select More.

On the Course Administration screen, scroll down to the Question Bank area and click the link for "Question bank".

At the Question bank screen you have various options that allow you to add questions to your course.  This tutorial will only cover adding new questions within Course Site.  If you have question banks from other Course Sites or course management system formats (i.e., Blackboard), please contact your Instructional Technologist for assistance.

Creating Categories

Before creating new questions to add to your course for quizzes and exams, you should consider creating Categories to organize your questions.  Categories can allow you to pick a random or set amount of questions from certain chapters.

Categories can be created after questions have been created and by default, all questions not associated with a category are placed in the Default for "name of your course."  If you do not want to work with categories, skip to the next step.

To access category folders or to add a new category, click on the Categories tab on the Question bank page.

Scroll down to "Add category" to create a new category.

Type the name of your new category.  Add any descriptive information you would like and click "Add category."

This category will now be saved and you can access it in the Category drop down under the questions tab.

Creating Questions

You can now begin adding questions to the root course category or to any categories you created in the last step.

To add a new question, click the "Create a new question" button on the Question Bank page and pick your question type. 

In the next screen, give the question a name.  If you are using categories, it is a good idea to give the category name and then the question number.

Type in or paste your question content and give your question a mark (grade).

Next, choose whether to have one or multiple choices, randomly shuffle the choices, and how how the choices should be numbered.

Fill in the answer options and choose the correct answer by choosing "100%" from the drop down.  You can also add feedback for correct and wrong answers.  Course site defaults to 5 choices for multiple choice questions, but you can add more by clicking the "Blanks for 3 More Choices" button.

Click the "Save changes" button when you are finished.

You can view, edit, move, or delete the question from this area.

You can then continue to add more questions.

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