What are Collections?
Collections are a new way of combining several views for the purposes of

  1. Creating a navigation block or horizontal navigation bar within a view for a series of connected views. Up until now, you had to do that either in a blog post or a text block.
  2. Ordering views within one collection in a non-alphabetical order.
  3. Giving the same access to a number of views at once.

What are current limitations of collections?

  1. A view can only be part of one collection. If you want to create, say 2 portfolios which both contain View A, you have to make a copy of View A and include that in the second collection.
  2. Collections cannot yet be displayed on the profile page for others to view immediately. Teachers (or other users in general) will still only see your views in an alphabetical order. However, when they click on a view that is part of a collection, they will see the navigation block / bar and are able to navigate to the related views from there.
  3. You yourself can access the views that make up a collection only from the screen where you edit your collection. There is no page just listing your views without the edit option.
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