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Click on the "Portfolio" tab and then "Pages"


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Step 1: Edit Content

You do this by dragging the elements that you would like to be available on this page. Review what options you have under each tab--"External Content," "Files, Images and Video," "General," "Journals," "Profile" and "Resume."

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Click to View Larger Image

Step 2: Edit Title and Description

This page title will appear on your Profile Page, so name it meaningfully. You can also choose how your name is displayed.

Step 3: Edit Layout

You can select the number of columns (max. 5 columns) and the distribution of space within the columns (i.e., Equal widths, Larger left column, Larger right column, Larger center column, Much larger center column). Click "Save" when you are done.

Step 4: Edit Access/Share Pages

For every Page you create you need to set permissions about who can see this content. The default is that only you can see the page. If you want others to be able to view your content, then you need to "Add" that group of people.

Step 4.1: Giving Access to Other Users

You can search for the users you want to give access to or find them from the list.

Step 4.2: Giving Access to a Group

If you want to limit access to a group that you are affiliated with, change the Pull Down Menu to "Groups" and then search for the group you want to add.

Once the list of groups comes up, select add for the groups you would like to give permission. The default is everyone in the group. You can change the pull down menu to just the members or just the admins, if that better serves your purposes. You also get to control the amount of time that people or groups can see your portfolio.

Step 4.3: Advanced Options


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