Google Docs is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to create and share documents.  Follow the steps below to create a document and get started sharing and collaborating.

1.  Open Google Drive by accessing in any Web browser, and 

click on the Docs/Drive link. You will be prompted to enter your Lehigh username and password.

2.  In the upper-left of the Google Drive window, click on the 'New' button.

In the menu that appears, click on Google Docs for a word processing file; Google Sheets for a spreadsheet file; Google Slides for a presentation file.

google drive new button   google drive select new file type

3.  In the new document window, be sure to click on the title area to enter a name for your document first.

google docs enter doc title

4.  Within a few seconds of naming the file or any typing, you'll see a note that Drive has saved the file.

5.  If you hover your mouse pointer over the 'Share' button in the upper-right, you'll see the current access level for the file

6.  Click on the Share button to see the sharing options.  In the People box, type the name(s) or email address(es) or Google Group names of those people you want to share the file. Note the permission level in the pull-down on the right end of that box.  Click 'Done' when all of the people and the right access level are set.

Or, click Advanced for more options.

Share Screen

7.  In the 'Advanced' window, you can:

  • A - See and copy the full link to the file
  • B - Set the general access level of the file (click Change . . . to see options)
  • See the full list of everyone who has access to the file, and their access level
  • C - Invite others to access the file

Advanced Share