Sign in to your Course Site.

Click 'Turn Editing On" (upper right-hand corner).

In the area you want the Assignment to appear, click the "add an activity or resource" and select Turnitin Assignment 2.


Complete the 'Adding a new Turnitin Assignment' canvas; Turntinin Assignment Name/Summary/Submission Type required.

To set the start date, due date, and scroll down.

The Assignment will be available to students on the Start Date.  The assignment will close on the Due Date, and students' originality reports will be available on the Post date. Please Note: Students will not be able to view your comments or feedback and the assignment will be hidden in your gradebook until after the post date.

Change the dates accordingly, and click Save and Display.

Please advise student to submit their files as PDFs.

After a student submits a document, it will be compared against the search targets you selected and Turnitin will generate an Originality Report.

When the Originality Score and Reports are ready, you can view the reports by clicking on the assignment on the front page of your course site and then entering the Submission Inbox tab.

Grades can also be entered while in the Submission Inbox tab.

    • As you review the Originality Scores and Reports, please bear in mind that they require interpretation.  For example, highlighted text may in fact be cited correctly and therefore a good paper with many appropriately cited quotations may generate a high Originality Score (indicating a high percentage of matching text).  If you discover something that looks like plagiarism, be quick to investigate but slow to judge.  You may wish to ask for help from your colleagues, from your college’s librarians, from the judicial affairs office, or from the director of faculty development in interpreting the results before confronting a student.

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