Pro tips

  • All of the settings pages for resources, activities, and the course display the most-commonly-used options by default, with less-frequently-used options collapsed and hidden. If you wish to review advanced options, simply click Show more where available.

At the bottom of every page in Course Site, there is a link to the Moodle specific page for additional help. Please keep in mind that Lehigh's configuration of Moodle, also known as Course Site, might be slightly customized and some features on the Moodle website might not be available or function exactly the same way – but these links provide excellent resources.

Quick tasks and shortcuts

Drag and drop files directly into course topic area

A very simple way to add a link to a file in a topic area of your Course Site course:

  1. Make sure editing is turned on.
  2. Locate the file on your computer
  3. Select the file(s), drag it, and drop it anywhere in the Add file(s) here region (region appears when you hover over the bottom of a topic/section area).

Add/Remove sections (topics, weeks) to/from your course

While on your course home page, make sure editing is turned on, then scroll down to the bottom of the page. You should see two grey, square icons: one with a plus sign and the other with a minus sign for adding and removing sections (topics or weeks depending how you have your course set up), respectively. Please note: removing a section that contains content will show a "greyed out" section that is hidden to course participants that contains "orphaned activities".

  • To add a section at the end of list, click the plus icon.
  • To remove the last on the list section, click the minus icon.

Changing item (activity/resource/etc) name directly from course home page

A quick and simple way to edit the title of an item right from the course home page:

  1. Locate the item for which you want to edit the name.
  2. Click the grey pencil icon immediately to the right of the item name.
  3. The name will become editable. Type the new name in the field or make desired edit. Press Enter to save, or Esc to cancel.

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