There are three steps to creating quizzes in Course Site - creating questions, creating the quiz, and adding questions to the quiz.

You can also import question banks from one course to another

Before deploying an online quiz, please review both "Promoting Academic Integrity During Remote Learning" and the specific guidelines at Academic Integrity for Course Site Quizzes. As well as tips on on assessment best practices including building good questions.

Creating The Quiz

If questions have already been added to the course, or if you are not ready to add questions, you can add a quiz by turning editing on.  Click the "Add an activity or resource" button and choose Quiz (under the "Activities" or "All" tab)

The next screen allows you to enter all the information for the quiz.  Add the name of the quiz and any important information or directions for taking the quiz.  Check the "Display description on course page if you would like the text to be available to students on the course page.  If you leave this option unchecked, the text will be visible to the students on the splash page before they begin the quiz.  You can also set the time thresholds when the quiz will be available to students.

Next you can set your grade and layout and question behavior.

If you would like to show all the questions on one page, you can change the New Page option to "Never, all questions on one page."

By default the questions will be shown one at a time during the quiz.   

You can change the defaults to shuffle the questions as well as the options within questions.  For the latter option, you will need set shuffling in the question settings as well.

By default, feedback to the students will be held until the quiz has been submitted.  To change this default, change the "How questions behave" option to your preferred method of feedback.

Next you can change the review options for the quiz.

These options control what information students can see when they review a quiz attempt or look at the quiz reports.  "Immediately after the attempt" means within two minutes of the attempt being finished. "Later, while the quiz is still open" means after this, and before the quiz close date. "After the quiz is closed" means after the quiz close date has passed. If the quiz does not have a close date, this state is never reached.

There are further settings that can be added to the quiz like Display, Extra restrictions on attempts, Overall feedback, Common module settings, and Restrict access.  These settings can be added at the user's discretion.

At this point, you can save the quiz and add questions later by clicking the "Save and return to course" button.  Please note that clicking this option will place the item on the front page of your Course Site and will be available to students unless there are date/time restrictions.

If you would like to add questions to the quiz immediately, click the "Save and display" button, and then the Edit quiz button.  If you need to add questions later, you can click "Save and return to course" and then click on the quiz at a later time and then the Edit quiz button. (Please note: you will not be able to edit the quiz once the quiz has been attempted by your students.)

Adding Questions

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This screen allows you to pick questions from the question bank (if questions were already created) or create new questions.  To begin, click the 'Add' dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of the edit quiz page.

Creating New Questions

Click the "a new question" button, and pick the question type you would like to add.

Fill out the form for the new question by choosing the proper category, giving it a name, filling in the question text, the default mark, and the answers.

You can now go through and add your answers for each choice.  Be sure to give the correct answer a grade of 100%.

Save your question to add it to the quiz.  If you are not importing a bank, you can continue to manually add questions until your quiz is complete.

Click the Save button when you are finished.

Adding Random Questions

You can also add random questions from a bank.  For randomization to work, questions need to placed in categories.  

If you need to create a new category, click on Question Bank>Categories in the Administration block.

Name the category and make sure it is in your preferred parent category.

Click 'Add category.'

When you create a question, you will then be able to place it directly into the proper category which can then be used for randomizing.

If you have already created and added questions to categories, click on 'a random question' from the add menu.

Choose the category.

Choose the number of random questions to add from the category and click the 'Add random question' button.

Two random questions will be added to the quiz.

Once you add questions to the quiz, you can set the maximum grade and order the questions.  The maximum grade can be set in the upper right-hand corner and you can use the crosshairs to more questions around.  You can also create page breaks between questions.


Once you have added the questions you can exit the edit quiz page.

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