To request a course site, please fill out the Course Request Form linked on the Course Site Home Page, which is available after logging in at:

After you receive notification that your course site has been created, your next steps will depend on what type of course it is, Academic or Administrative. Most courses are Academic, meaning they are initially created in Banner for a specific semester, and then "fed" into Course Site along with enrollment information. Administrative courses, however, are not tied into Banner and enrollment must be manually maintained by the Site Leader of the course. Please see below for details on what you need to do after your course has been created.

 Don't See Your Course?

Login to Course Site and locate in your Dashboard, filter by appropriate semester. If you don't see your course, please log out and log back in.

Academic Courses

  1. Student Enrollment - Student enrollment is controlled by Banner, you can not enroll students into your course. As soon as a student is officially enrolled in your course through the Registrar, that student will be enrolled in your course site. If this is not the case, please submit a trouble ticket to resolve any enrollment problems so that we can make sure that any student who is enrolled in a course, has access to that course. You can, however, manually enroll people with the roles of T.A., and Grader, to name a few.
  2. Adding Content - You can easily copy course materials from a previously taught course, and/or add new, semester-specific activities and content.
  3. Course Availability - Although you can access your course site immediately, it is initially unavailable to your students. When you are ready for students to access it, you must make it available to them.

Administrative Courses

  1. Enrollment - All participants in this type of course must be manually enrolled.
  2. Course Availability - Although you can access your course site immediately, it is initially unavailable to the Participants. When you are ready for them to access it, you must make it available to them.

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