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The Gradebook feature within Course Site provides the ability for instructors to accept assignments, grade items, and provide feedback to students.

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External Resources

Gradebook 3.2 Tutorial documentation provided by

General 3.2 documentation about grades provided by

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I import grades into the Course Site Gradebook?

How can I display only letter grades for students?

How do I setup my gradebook to calculate letter grades?

The gradebook is not displaying my grades correctly, what should I do?

Why can't I see all of the columns when I view the gradebook?

Why can't I change a grade within an assignment after changing it in the gradebook?

How do I determine which type of weighting will work for my gradebook?

How do I set up different weight values for different items?

How do I drop the lowest grade(s) for a group of assignments?

Can I sort the gradebook by a particular grade column?

Show Grade for Hidden Assignment

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