Course Site offers many ways for instructors and students to interact with one another.  There are several core tools and 3rd party services in Course Site that can be used to accomplish these interactions.  This section covers some of the different ways in which you can manage various types of activities on your course site.

How to add an activity

To add an activity to your site: 

1) Log into Course Site and enter the course to which you want to add an activity. 

2) Click on the Turn editing on button 

3) In the topic area where you want to place the content, click on the Add an activity or resource link 

4) Select Assignments, OU wikis, OU blogs, forums, etc. listed under the Activities section from the menu displayed

5) Enter the name you wish to be displayed in the "Name" box (and a description if required)

6) Scroll down through the various settings associated with the selected activity.

7) Click on the Save and return to course button at the bottom of the page.

Types of Activities 

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