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AT&T Wireless is Lehigh's preferred wireless service providers. Lehigh's contract with AT&T Wireless allows faculty and staff with business-related wireless phone requirements to select the plan that will work best for their needs. Please consult the website for more details.

The following special Lehigh benefits are applied to the selected plan:

  • 20% discount on monthly plan costs***
  • Waived activation and upgrade fees
  • Waived termination fees
  • Special discounts off new wireless telephone equipment.
  • 30% discount off selected accessories
  • New Voice Pooled Bundle Plans with Unlimited domestic data and text included

International Calling Information: Please consult AT&T Wireless, for information on international services, packages, plans, dialing and coverage.

PLEASE NOTE: *** Certain restrictions apply regarding service discounts *** - Discounts are applicable on the primary data mobile share plan $45 and above only please consult the website, visit an AT&T Wireless store in your area, with your Lehigh ID, and refer to FAN 40752 or call AT&T Business End User Care at 800-331-0500.


AT&T offers several iPhone options through Lehigh's AT&T representative, including discounted plans and options for global data roaming. NOTE: University-purchased iPhones are managed by LTS via Jamf - for more information please consult LTS Jamf FAQ.

There is no discount on the iPhone equipment itself. For further information please consult LTS iPhone FAQ.

New Acquisitions

Effective immediately, new university-paid wireless phones may be acquired from AT&T Wireless only through Library and Technology Services. Users wishing to acquire new phones should take the following steps:

  1. Review the University’s Wireless Policy
  2. Review the established Guidelines for Wireless Phone Acquisition and Usage
  3. Review AT&T Wireless Privacy Policy
  4. Review AT&T Wireless Terms of Use Policy
  5. Complete the Wireless Request Form. Submit this form to Library & Technology Services as directed. This will authorize LTS to initiate phone acquisitions and service from AT&T Wireless on your behalf. Billing for corporate phones will be handled directly by Library & Technology Services, and charged to your Banner index indicated on the request form.
  6. Our AT&T Wireless account manager, Alyssa Knaub (717-571-5094 or will contact you to select a phone and service plan.

Please Note: ALL users are required to read and abide by AT&T Wireless and Lehigh's policies regarding wireless telephones.

Changes to an Existing Account

You may contact our AT&T Wireless account manager, Alyssa Knaub at (717) 571-5094 or email her at to make changes to existing accounts.

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