A collection in the e-Portfolio application, Mahara, is a set of pages that are linked to one another.  Collections are an easy way to share a number of pages and "templates" for departments and programs that have specific requirements.


To copy a collection of pages that have been set up by your department, program, etc. log in to mahara at https://mahara.cc.lehigh.edu with your Lehigh username and password.

You will be brought to your Mahara dashboard.  Find the Groups link in the menu under the Lehigh University Banner and choose "Find Groups."

In the groups listing find the group you are looking for.  In this case, I am searching for Graduate Professional Development ePortfolio Project.  Find the collection and click the "Join this group" button.

You will then be brought to the first page of the portfolio.  You now have to copy the collection of pages.

To do so, find the Portfolio button in the menu and choose Collections.  If you have copied any previous collections, they will be listed at this screen.  To continue, click the "Copy Collection" button.

And, in this case, find the "Graduate Student ePorfolio" collection and click "Copy collection."

At the next screen, change the name of the collection to mirror your personal portfolio.  In this case, I changed the name to Jason's Grad Portfolio.  Click the "Next: Edit collection pages" button."

At this point you will see the list of pages from the collection.  No action is required on this page, click the "Done" button.

At this point, all the pages in the collection have been added to your portfolio and you will see the collection in your list.

You can click on the collection to begin editing your pages and adding content.

You will see that all the titles of the pages you copied are listed in tabs horizontally across top of the portfolio.  The first thing you should do is remove the "Copy of..." text of the title.  To do so, click on the page you want to edit and click the "Edit this page" button.

You will now be brought into the editing portion of the page.  To edit the title and remove the "Copy of..." text, click the "Edit title and description" tab and change the Page title accordingly.

You can follow the same process to change the names of the other pages.  Once you are finished changing the page names, you can move on to adding content and artifacts to your portfolio. 

Directions on how to add content to your portfolio can be found at Mahara e-Portfolio.

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