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There are two methods to transferring content from one course to another. 

1) Importing Content: This method should be used if you have access to the course that has the content you want to move. 

2) Restoring a File from Course Back-Up: This method is only to be used when you no longer have access to the course site that had the content. 

1) Importing Course Content

Course activities and resources may be imported from any other course in which you have editing permissions. This will allow you to re-use instead of re-creating one or more activities or resources. Import course data does not include any student data, e.g. forum posts or submitted assignments!

  1. Go into the old course that contains the content to be copied to check two things:
    1. how many topic areas/weeks are in that course: Administration Block >> Course Administration >> Edit Settings  On the Edit Course Settings page, scroll down to find the Course Format section, and click on that name to reveal the options. Locate the Number of Sections, and make note of that number.
    2. the exact Course full name or short name in case you need to search for it in the import course list. We suggest that you simply copy the Course short name to your clipboard.
  2. Go to the new course. Make sure the new course has the same number of visible sections as the old course following  the same procedure as explained in the previous step. If the number is different in the new course, change it to match the number in the old course.
  3. In the Administration block in the new course, click Import.
  4. On the Find a course to import data from: page, select the old course that contains the content to be copied. Note - that you may need to search for that course if it does not appear in the list.  You will need to search for the exact short name of the course, i.e., "MGT-301-010-SU12."  If you copied the exact name of the old course as described in a previous step, simply paste it into the Search field and click on Search
  5. When you locate the course that contains the content to be copied, click on the button to the left of the name to indicate your selection. Click Continue. This will step you through the import process.
  6. On the Backup Settings page, choose the general category (activities, blocks, filters) of items to be copied - by default all are selected. In general, those are good options. Click Next.
  7. On the next page, you will be prompted to select individual resources, activities, labels, basically all items that were added in the topic areas in the old course - by default, all are selected.You may choose to copy specific items only by un-checking the boxes to the right of the items. In order to import an item from a topic area, you must also have that topic area checked! NOTE:  DO NOT copy Turnitin assignments  into your new course - They will not copy correctly.  Make sure to uncheck any assignments or activities that use Turnitin before proceeding. Other items such as Perusall Assignments cannot be copied. You will also need to move any Panopto Videos that you wish to share from previous courses to your current courses's Panopto folder. Click Next.
  8. On the Confirmation and Review page, scroll down to confirm your choices. A green checkmark to right right of an item indicates that it will be imported into the new course, a red x means that it will not. Click Perform import button to import the content. This may take up to a few minutes, depending on the amount of material you are importing. Please be patient and do not click that button multiple times! Your browser should give you some indication that the system is working on your request and you should see a page that indicates the progress of the import.
  9. When the import is complete, you will see the message, Import complete. Click continue to return to the course.
  10. Your materials should now be visible in the new course.

2) Restoring From a Course Backup FIle

This method is used to restore a course that is no longer available on course site. For instance, if you have downloaded a backup file (in .MBZ format) and you need to restore from this back file.