Some rooms at Lehigh are equipped with dual projectors or displays, allowing two different video sources to be shown at once. Dual display rooms offer significant flexibility but they are somewhat complex. If you would like an orientation please call the Media Center (83059).

1.  The touch panel is used to select which source goes to which display. There are basic settings along the top row and an advanced routing page to enable you to get more creative with your display.

  • "PC display 1" is the main desktop of the instructor station PC.
  • "PC display 2" is an extension of that desktop.

Video sources sent to the second display will preview on the touch panel. This preview window can be enlarged by touching the display as indicated. A second touch restores the controls.

2.  In dual display rooms you may notice that the "gadgets" you normally see on the desktop are absent.

To restore these, right-click on the desktop. Select "Gadgets" from the box that opens, then select "public site' and the missing links will appear. Or, call up display 2 from the touch pad and the gadget links can be seen on the second display. If using "extend this display" mode, you may drag and drop from PC display 2 to PC display 1 window.