• For Equipment purchased with Sponsored Research Grant Funds, seek permission from the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs officer before initiating disposal.
  • In all circumstances, users are required to completely erase all computer hard disk drives.
  • Computers that are less than 6 years old should be made available for other departments to use via Asa's Attic for at least 5 days before sale or disposal by other means. Asa's Attic is administered by Purchasing Services.
  • If you sell the equipment to another University department, use a Budget/Expense Reallocation Form to transfer the appropriate funds.
  • If you sell the equipment to an individual or off-campus entity, use an Equipment Sales Agreement to properly record the sale terms and conditions.
  • If you give away / donate the equipment, use an Equipment Transfer Agreement to properly record the transfer terms and conditions

Lehigh's e-waste program:

Lehigh's e-waste collection program is now more convenient than ever. Small items such as laptops, mobile devices, chargers, headphones, cables/wires, etc. can be placed in e-waste collection bins available throughout campus. If you have larger items or a large number of items, contact Glenn Strause (ghs2@lehigh.edu or 610-758-3109) to arrange drop-off at their facility or pickup near your location on campus.

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