Art Classes in Building C iMac labs make use of Wacom Intuos drawing tablets, which require driver software to be installed and a per-user privacy setting.  Follow the instructions below to connect your tablet to your iMac

1.  Plug the tablet's USB cable into any spare USB port. 

At your macOS desktop, click on the 'Finder' icon in the lower left-hand end of the Dock

2.  In the Finder, click on the "Applications" shortcut on the left side of the window, and  scroll till you see the "Managed Software Center" icon, and double-click to open it.

3.  In the Managed Software Center, scroll to the "Wacom Tablet Driver" item, and click "Install".

4.  The Wacom Tablet Driver item will indicate that it is downloading.

5.  Once the package is downloaded, the Managed Software center will request that the user log out, so that the installation can be performed.  This only has to be done once on each machine that will use the tablet.  Click "Log out and update" to proceed.

6.  When the user logs out, the Managed Software Center runs the installation package.

7.  When that finishes, log back in with your Lehigh username and password.  The first time a user logs into a machine with the Wacom Tablet Driver installed, they'll receive an error when the driver starts in the background.

At the same time, in another window, macOS will alert you that a privacy setting needs to be changed.

Click "Open System Preferences" to be taken to the Privacy tab of the Security and Privacy Pane of the System Preferences app.

8.  In the Privacy tab …

Scroll down in the left-hand list to "Input Monitoring" and click to select it.  

In the box on the left, click to add a checkmark next to "WacomTabletDriver" to enable the driver to operate.

9.  When the setting is changed, you'll need to quit and re-open the driver for it to run.  

Click "Quit & Reopen"

10.  When the Wacom Driver runs, it will start bouncing it's icon in the dock on the right.

Click the Wacom icon to open the Wacom Desktop Center, and confirm that the tablet is connected.

The tablet should now be ready to use and configure.

Click on the entry for the Intuos Pro M under the Devices list.


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