Computing Consultants are Lehigh's 'second tier' IT support personnel. The Help Desk will refer users to Computing Consultants for any computer-related assistance that requires more extended time and / or in-person interaction with the user or computer. They have broad expertise in a wide variety of computer hardware, networking and applications, and generally support a large section of users across the campus.

Computing Consultants work by appointment, so if you're referred to one, the first step will always be arranging a time and place to meet.  Consultants are tasked with making as-needed desk-side visits to computer users, as well as training users in the operation of those systems (either software or hardware), and creating documentation and training materials. They are frequently involved in various projects for upgrading or implementing existing or new computing services and systems on campus. They will also assist users with understanding and implementing university policies and guidelines regarding computer use and data storage.

It's important to understand that a Consultant's primary job is to train users.  Apart from a few complex or administrative tasks involving configuring computers for integration with Lehigh's networked computer management systems, their job is to enable and empower users to do their own work, rather than doing computer-related work for them.

While the Computing Consultant team is centrally managed by Gale Fritsche, each college or stem at the university has a dedicated team of Consultants who will work with you as your second point of contact for any computing issues. Additional consultants are tasked with assisting with particular types of systems, such as Classroom Technology (like projectors or conference systems), Instructional Technology systems (like CourseSite or Banner) or Research Computing systems like computing clusters and lab computers.

To request help from a specific consultant, simply mention them in your request.