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Cisco Spark is a collaboration suite that allows for online meetings, messaging, and calling. You can choose to use your computer, mobile device, or a dedicated Spark device such as a Spark board.  Direct web access is available a For full functionality, you will need to download the Spark application ("or client") to your device.  See this link for more information about what you can do with the Spark Client.

  • Windows and Mac OS Clients are available at  Cisco Spark.
  • iOS and Android devices can install the client from their respective app stores.

Make a call
Once someone has a spark account, you can call someone using their email, name, or phone number.

Schedule a meeting
To schedule a meeting with someone else, set up a meeting space and go to activity menu in your spark app and choose meetings.

When setting up or in a meeting, you may share files by adding to your meeting space and you can use the whiteboard feature.    

For help with the Cisco Spark client see

Using the Spark Board

Current Spark Board Locations: EWFM S- 5th Floor and EWFM 299

What is a Spark Board?

Spark boards offer high quality conferencing systems with an integrated communication platform in a dedicated location.  The spark board uses a multi-touch display with a high definition camera and senstive built in microphones for superior video conferencing.  You can easily hold an impromptu meeting, share information using an interactive whiteboard or upload files in a virtual meeting space.  

What can you do with Spark Board?
  • Call other registered Spark users
  • Create a Whiteboard
  • Call into a scheduled meeting using a SIP (session initiation protocol) address*
What can you do with a Spark Board and another device?
  • Share your laptop screen
  • Create and save a whiteboard in a meeting space
  • Share files in a meeting space

To use your device with the Spark Board, go to and download the Cisco Spark application to your mobile device or laptop.

See this quick reference guide for basic Spark Board functionality:

*Calling into a meeting from a Cisco Spark Board
If you have a URL to join a video meeting such as a WebEx session, you can call that meeting typing in the SIP (session initiation protocol) address from the call screen.  The SIP will look like an email address.  For Example, Look for the SIP address in the bottom of your meeting invitation.  

TIP: If you are hosting a web conferencing meeting and send an invite, please do not delete or change the auto-generated meeting invitation text in case your meeting participants are using a spark board to join the meeting.

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