This phone supports 2 lines, with dedicated feature buttons for Voice Mail, Hold, Transfer and Conference. Other features are available via softkeys. It also features a dedicated headset jack.


Buttons and Features


Handset and Handset light stripIndicates whether you have an incoming call (flashing) or a new voice message
Programmable feature and line buttonsAccess your phone lines, features, and call sessions
Softkey buttonsAccess functions and services
Navigation clusterNavigation ring and select button. Scroll through menus, highlight items, and select the highlighted items


Conference Call


Place an active call on hold, resume the held call

Create a conference call

Transfer a call





Toggle speaker phone on and off. When speakerphone is on, button is lit

Toggle the microphone on or off. When the microphone is muted, the button is lit

Toggle the headset on or off. When the headset is on, the button is lit





Autodial voicemail messaging system

Access call history, user preferences, phone settings, and phone model information

Access personal and corporate directories (Coming Soon)

Volume buttonAdjust the handset, and speaker volume(off hook) and the ringer volume (on hook)

Line Button Status

Solid Green: Connected call or outgoing call not yet connected.
Flashing Green: Held call. Pressing button resumes call.
Solid Amber: Private line in use
Flashing Amber: Incoming call. Pressing button answers call.
Solid Red: Shared line in use remotely.
Flashing Red: Shared Line call put on hold remotely.


  • Dialing On-Hook: Enter a number, then go off-hook to complete the call by pressing speaker or lifting the handset.
  • Redial: Press the Redial softkey to redial the last number called on your primary line. To redial on a secondary line, press the line button first.
  • Speed Dial: TBD


  • There are several ways to answer calls: lift the handset, press the flashing amber line button, press the Answer softkey, or press the headset or speakerphone button.

Hold and Resume a Call

  • Dialing On-Hook: Enter a number, then go off-hook to complete the call by pressing speaker or lifting the handset.
  • To resume the highlighted call, do one of these:
    • Press the flashing green session button
    • Press the Resume softkey
    • Press the Hold button

Transfer Calls

  • Start with an active call, not on hold.
  • Press the Transfer button or the Transfer softkey and enter the destination number.
  • Press the Transfer button or the Transfer softkey again to complete the transfer immediately – or wait until the destination answers to announce the transfer, then press the button.
  • NOTE: to transfer a call directly to another Cisco user's voice mailbox, enter * plus the user's extension as the destination number - i.e. *81234 .

Forwarding Calls

  • Press the Forward All softkey.
  • Do one of the following:
    • Enter a phone number (including 7 if an off-campus number)
    • Press the Voicemail button to forward all incoming calls to voice mail
  • To verify that your calls are forwarded, look for:
    • A forward-all icon on the line label
    • Forwarding information on the upper left main screen
  • To cancel call forwarding, press the Forward Off softkey.


  • Start with an active call, not on hold.
  • Press the Conference button and enter the phone number for the party to be added and press the Call softkey.
  • When party answers, announce the conference.
  • Press the Conference button to tie parties together.
  • Repeat these steps to add more participants.

Silence a Call

  • Silence an incoming ringing call by pressing the Volume button down once.

Setting Ringtones

  • Press the Applications button.
  • Use the circular Navigation Pad to highlight Settings, then press Select.
  • Select Ringtone.
  • Select the line for which the ringtone should be set.
  • Scroll through the ringtone options using the Navigation Pad. You can hear ringtones by pressing the Play softkey on a highlighted ringtone.
  • Press the Set softkey to apply the desired ringtone.
  • Press the Exit softkey to return to the main screen.

Directory of University Contacts (Coming Soon)

  • Searching for a contact
    • Press the Contacts button.
    • Press the down arrow on the circular navigation pad until Lehigh Directory is highlighted and press the Select button.
    • Select any criteria to search for a coworker: first name, last name, or (10-digit) number.
  • Directory Dial a contact
    • Enter the criteria, press the Search softkey, and select the contact.
    • To dial, press the Dial softkey, press the Select button, or press the Speakerphone button.

Call History

  • View
    • Press the Application button, then select item 1: Recents.
    • The screen will display call history.
    • Press the Exit softkey twice to return to the main screen.
  • Dial
    • While in the call history list, press the Down Arrow on the navigation pad until the person or number you want to call is highlighted.
    • Press the Call softkey to place the call.
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