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The Google Chrome browser (available at allows you to print to any Google Cloud Print enabled printer on campus. You can print any file or webpage that opens in Chrome as well as any files you have uploaded to Lehigh Google Drive including PDFs, MS Office files, and image files.

1.  Open the file/webpage in Chrome OR navigate to Lehigh Google Drive ( and locate or upload the file you'd like to print.

2.  For files/webpages open in Google Chrome: Select File > Print in the Chrome menu bar.

If in Google Drive, open the file and click the Print icon

3.  In the Print dialog box, click the Change button to change the desired printer destination.

4.  If you don't see the list of Google Cloud Print printers (see example below), you may need to click the Sign in link at the bottom of the print dialog screen to sign in--enter your full Lehigh email address at the Google sign-in screen to go to the Lehigh login screen--enter your Lehigh username and password.

5.  In the Select a destination dialog box, select a printer under the Google Cloud Print category.

You can click the Show All... button to see all available Google Cloud Print printers on campus.

NOTE: it is important to know the name of the printer you want to print to beforehand. Printer names can be read as Building-room-printer_model.

6.  After you select a printer, you will return to the print dialog box where you can control settings such as number of copies, which pages, and double- or single-sided printing. Then click the Print button.

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