A Choice activity is very simple, the teacher creates an activity with one set of choices and a student then makes a choice. Options can be set to allow the students to see the choices of other students, among other things.



Create the activity:

  1. After turning on editing, Choose Choice from the Activities section of the Add an Activity or resource pull-down menu. Note that a summary of this activity is displayed in the right column along with a link to More help. Click on Add to add this activity to your course page.
  2. Name it, add a description, enter the options, optionally limit the number of students per choice, examine the other settings. If needed, click on the name of a section to reveal other options. If you want your students to be able to see the results, we recommend that in the Results section, for Publish Results, you choose the option, Show results to students only after the choice is closed. This will eliminate possible database problems that can occur when the students are trying to make a choice, but the display of the choices and results is slowed down by the number that results that need to be displayed.
  3. The use of the Groups feature with this activity may be problematic if you wish to set limits on the number of people per choice option, so we recommend not to set this up with groups enabled.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and save.

View the responses:

  1. Click on the link in the course
  2. As soon as there is at least one response, click on the words, View responses, in the upper right hand corner of the window