One of the features of ChemDraw Pro is the ability to search the SciFinder information service with drawn chemical structures and reactions.  This does require a SciFinder account.  Set one up first if you don't already have it.  If you have ChemDraw Pro installed, and your SciFinder credentials ready, follow the procedure below to execute a search:

1.  Create your chemical drawing, either a single structure or a reaction.

ChemDraw drawing

2.  Select 'Select All' under the Edit menu.

ChemDraw Select All

3.  Click on the Scifinder tool in the toolbar.

ChemDraw SciFinder Tool

4.  In the lower left of the 'Search SciFinder' window, click 'Proxy Settings'.

Search SciFinder Window Proxy Settings Button

5.  In the 'Proxy Settings' window, enter '' in the 'Proxy URL' box, and click 'OK'.

Proxy Settings Entry

6.  Use the radio buttons in the 'Search SciFinder' window to specify the type of search, i.e. substructure / exact structure, or reactant / product, and click OK.

Search SciFinder Window

7.  If you are logging in from off-campus without using the VPN, you will see an authentication page that looks like this. Enter your Lehigh credentials, and click 'Submit'.

Lehigh login screen

8.  At the SciFinder login page, enter your SciFinder credentials.  Click 'Continue' to proceed to your answer set.

SciFinder Login and Result