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What is captioning

Captioning is required per Section 508 and 504 of ADA for any publicly available videos. Additionally, there may be cases where you will be required to provide captions for course videos relating to an accommodation request through the Office of Disability Services.

YouTube, Vimeo, and other third-party streaming platforms may offer automatic, computer-generated captioning. However, the accuracy rate does not meet the requirements of the law (95% accuracy).

Fee associated with captioning, so budget for it.

How do we support it?

Zoom automatic machine-generated captions/transcripts

Lehigh's instance of Zoom is configured by default to auto-caption/transcribe meeting sessions that are recorded to the cloud. Learn more about and how to edit  these captions after the fact to improve accuracy.

Panopto  automatic machine-generated captions/transcripts

ASR (automatic speech recognition) generated captions is also available for your Panopto sessions.


Note that machine-generated captions clearly aren't the same as human transcription so they need to be revised and edited to ensure they are 100% accurate.

How to request captioning?

 Please Submit an IT ticket.