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On Friday, March 13, 2020 Adobe announced a special program allowing schools that have Creative Cloud available in classrooms or labs to request temporary, at-home access for all of their students and faculty who do not already have their own subscriptions. LTS is pleased to announce that our application has been accepted for participation in this program, and have enabled access for all student user accounts (undergraduate and graduate). Additionally, all faculty user accounts that were not already subscribers to Creative Cloud through LTS’ buying program have also had access enabled.

Important Points

  1. If you already have a paid subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud do not follow these instructions. Please continue to use your existing subscription.

  2. Downloads for most Adobe applications can be rather large, some over 3 GB. Consider your available hard disk space and the speed of your internet connection before beginning your download(s).¹

  3. You may activate your license on up to two computers at any one time.²
  4. Adobe’s stated planned expiration date of these temporary licenses is May 31, 2020.



You do not need to create an account.
LTS has already created your LTS-managed Adobe Account. (A Federated ID, which is a “Company or School Account”.)
Please read the installation instructions carefully and you will log in to the correct account.

The Temporary License is a real license for Creative Cloud All Apps, it is not Trial.

If you experience an issue with installation or license activation please check Creative Cloud Troubleshooting FAQ first before calling the Help Desk.

Getting Started


If you already have Creative Cloud installed and wish to switch to using your LTS-managed Adobe Account to access the temporary license:

  1. Sign out with Creative Cloud
  2. Sign in with Creative Cloud

Otherwise, please follow the instructions on our documentation page for Creative Cloud Installation Instructions.

Additional Resources

Adobe has made available free online resources to help support both students and educators in using Creative Cloud. See Adobe Learning & Teaching Resources.