Step 1: Set up a MyQM Matters Account and Get a Workbook

Here is how to set up a free MyQM account. Please make sure your affiliation is Lehigh University-College of Education (PA).

If you already have a MyQM account and need to update the affiliation in order to access College of Education subscription, 

1. Sign in to MyQM.
2. Expand the ‘My Account’ menu, on the left.
3. Select the 'Change My Affiliation' link.  Select the affiliation to be changed, then the ‘Next – Select new affiliation’ button.

***When updating the institution affiliation, start by typing the first few letters or first word (Lehigh University-College of Education) to allow the drop-down to populate. Then continue typing to narrow the results and select the new Institution. 

Please contact Holly Zakos, Lehigh University-College of Education's Quality Matters Coordinator, to obtain a QM workbook or with any questions on how to access materials or set up your account.  


Course Representative (Optional): Complete the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Course

Faculty Peer (Optional): Complete the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Course

If you'd like to be a faculty peer reviewer, please consider registering for Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR). This is a paid two-week course with an online facilitator that may take 10-12 hours a week to complete. 

Learn the underlying principles behind the QM Rubric and the critical elements of the QM quality assurance process. Learn about drafting helpful recommendations as you apply the Rubric to an actual course.


Step 2: Prepare or Revise Your Online Course

  • Complete syllabus
  • Write objectives
  • Create assessment for 1-2 weeks of content

Optional: Review this Course Site Shell to help you get started. You will be able to review as a student.  If you would like to modify and utilize shell, please contact Holly Zakos.

Step 3 (Optional): Start a Self-Review

The Self-Review tool allows you to confidentially evaluate your own course against the QM Rubric. Upon completion of a Self-Review, you have access to a Final Report that may be emailed to whomever you choose. Please note: The Self-Review tool is available to members only.

Please note: The internal review committee will focus primarily on standards 1, 2, & 8 of the QM rubric during initial reviews. You can choose Met and type N/A for other standards.

  1. Watch the Self-Review Tutorial
  2. Log into MyQM
  3. Select the CRMS icon
  4. Select “Start a Self-Review

See a Sample Self Review 

Note: Automatic notifications are sent to your QM Coordinator(s) when a Self-Review is initiated or saved.

Step 4: Complete Course Worksheet

When you are ready to submit your syllabus and first two weeks of content for review, please complete this modified course worksheet.

Additional QM Resources

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Need help determining your pathway for QM professional development? Quality Matters has created a decision tree to help!

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