The fundamental activity of calendaring is creating and configuring 'events'.  Those things that happen at a particular time, to which particular people may be invited, and which may happen in a particular place.

1.  Open your Google Calendar (as described in Basics 1: Log Into Google Calendar).

2. Double-Click on the day on which you'd like to create the event to start.  An Event Details window will open. (Clicking once gets an abbreviated window)

3.  Start by entering a descriptive Title.


  • By default, the 'All Day' box is checked.  Un-checking it will display pull-downs for start and stop times.
  • Each grey box is a pull-down to set time, day, timezone, or the repeat rate of the event

4.  Use the pulldowns on the left or type to:

  • Specify a location (can be free text, or select a map location (buildings only)
  • Add a 'Hangouts Meet' online conference
  • Set schedule notifications (reminder alerts) for the meeting
  • Specify which of your calendars this event will appear on (and color)
  • Specify whether this event will mark you or the guests as 'Busy' or 'Free', and who can see that.
  • Add a longer description of the event.

5.  Add 'Guests' by typing Lehigh usernames or Google Group names in the 'Add guests' box on the right, and hitting 'Enter' as they appear in the pull-down.  Note that each guest can be marked as 'optional', if desired, by clicking on the user icon by their name.

6.  Click 'Save', and if desired, click 'Send' when asked, to send invitations to each guest.