What is Self-Service Direct Deposit?

Self-Service Direct Deposit allows Lehigh University employees and student workers to create, update and delete bank account records themselves so that they can receive payments through direct deposit.

What are the Benefits of Direct Deposit?

  1. Speed: With direct deposit, your money is immediately accessible. You will receive your pay much faster with no more waiting for printing and mailing of paper checks.
  2. Environment: Direct deposit is environmentally friendly because it reduces our carbon footprint through less paper and pollution. 
  3. Security:  Lost or stolen checks are a common source of identity theft and fraud. Direct deposit eliminates wages from being stolen or lost. It also removes the risk of a check getting damaged or delayed in the mail.
  4. Safety: Employees no longer have to wait in line or hassle with crowds to deposit or cash their checks. During public health emergencies, they also don’t have to risk potential exposure to illness in a public place such as a bank or other check-cashing location.
  5. Control:  Having control over where your paycheck goes is another way direct deposit provides flexibility and convenience for employees. You can direct your funds to go toward a checking or savings account, emergency funds, or other financial goal.
  6. Discipline: With a split direct deposit, you can direct a fixed portion or a percentage of your paycheck each pay period into a designated savings account.

How do I access Self-Service direct deposit?

Access the Banner Self Service Direct Deposit URL: go.lehigh.edu/DirectDeposit

How do I edit my bank account information?

You can use the Edit button on a mobile or tablet to perform edits or updates and the system saves these actions one at a time. The Edit button does not display on a desktop.  On a desktop, for security reasons, you must delete or inactivate the account you want to change and then add a new bank account.

What is the difference between payroll and accounts payable?

Payroll is for your Lehigh wages or salary that you earn as an employee.

Accounts Payable is for expense reimbursements. Please do not complete this. You do not have to complete the accounts payable section to receive your payroll through direct deposit.

What is the deadline to enroll in direct deposit?

With direct deposit via Banner Self-Service making the process simple and readily available, Lehigh University intends to eliminate paper payroll checks at the beginning of the new academic year, effective September 30, 2022.

Beginning in the Fall semester, effective September 30, 2022, Lehigh will no longer distribute paper checks to departments. Employees who still receive a paper check at that time will have to pick up their check in the payroll office. This means that if you are not already enrolled in direct deposit, you should enroll now in order to receive your pay in a convenient and timely manner.

Once you are enrolled in direct deposit, you will receive electronic payments starting with your next paycheck, subject to meeting payroll deadlines found here. Click on the applicable payroll calendar and then see the middle column called “Paperwork Due date”. If you enroll or make a change after the payroll deadline, that update will take effect the following pay cycle.

What do the various fields do?

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