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Why Would I Want to Backup my Course Content and Grades? 

  1. At the end of a semester, or before the course is removed from the system, you may want to make a copy of either the content or the gradebook for your personal records. One year after a course has been created, it will be removed from the system. You will receive an email notification prior to the deletion of any course in which you have the role of teacher. If you teach a course less frequently than every year, please contact your instructional technology consultant to discuss the best way to save your content.
  2. If you just made extensive changes to your course and the system backup job has not yet backed up those changes, you can manually create a backup file and download that so you are assured that your work is saved.
  3. If you plan to make extensive changes to a course, it's a good idea to save a backup of the course before you make the changes. In this manner, if the changes do not go as well as expected, you can always restore the course back to it's original condition prior to the changes.
  4. Note - Follow these directions if you simply want to copy content from a course that is less than a year old to a new course.

How Can I Backup my Course Content?

You should consider making a backup of a course for your personal records. This will create a single file that you will download to your computer for safe keeping. It can be used in the future to import the content and structure into a new course after the old course has been deleted from the system. Please note that this backup does not contain student grades, you can backup the gradebook separately into an excel file to be downloaded. If you used the Assignment activity to collect student work, you can backup and download all of the student submissions from within the assignment.

  1. Log Course Site and access the course you would like to backup.
  2. Once you are in the course, go to the "Administration" block > Course Administration>Backup

  3. Configure the backup - This will begin a series of steps leading you through the backup process. Note that you will only be able to backup course materials, you will not be able to backup student data like grades, course enrollment, forum postings, etc. All student data will be marked with a red X and a picture of a padlock, indicating that you can not backup up these items.
  4. Examine the options for the first two steps and choose the appropriate settings for your material. You can back up all content, or a single activity. When you are satisfied with the options for each step, click Next to continue.
  5. Perform the Backup - The third step, Confirmation and Review, displays the default name of the backup file, and the settings and the items you have chosen. If everything looks correct to you, click on Perform backup, to begin the actual backup. This part of the process may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your course and system activity.
  6. When the backup has completed, you will see the message, The backup file was successfully created. You are not done yet!
  7. Click Continue to go to the course backup area to download the backup file.
  8. Download the Backup File to your computer - You will see several different backup and restore sections, look for the area named User private backup area and locate the file with the correct time and date stamp. It will have the file extension mbz. Click on Download to download the file to your computer. The download process differs from browser to browser, but, in general, you should be able to locate the file in a Downloads folder. If you can not locate your course backup file, please contact your Instructional Technology Consultant.
  9. Delete the Backup file from Course Site - After you are absolutely certain that you successfully backed up and downloaded the file, please delete the file by clicking on Manage backup files in the same area below the list of the backup files.

  10. Click on the name of the file. Note that you can change the "view" of these files by clicking on the and choose "delete file", then Save changes.
  11. You now have a copy of the content of your course site on your local computer.  To be safe, you should consider saving your backup file on your H Drive, Google Drive, external hard drive, or another commercial storage service.
NOTE - The .mbz extension is a moodle file-type and CANNOT be opened by any applications on a PC or a Mac. The file is strictly a backup file and can only be used to import content into a new or blank Course Site. 
For more information about backup up your course, please visit the Moodle Docs or contact your Instructional Technology Consultant.