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The Legacy course files folder contains files and folders that were saved in the "Files" area in the previous version of Course Site and copied over to the current version.  This folder contains an access issue that can allow students discerning the location of items that resided in the “Files” area of the previous version of Course Site.  This issue has been fixed in the current version.  However, the issue persists in the Legacy course files folder, which was meant to be a temporary place to store files until back up options became available.  The Legacy course files folder will not be available after the Fall 2012 semester.  Users now have the option of downloading their files and saving them to an external hard drive or back up service (i.e.,, to their H Drive, or to Google Drive.  Below are directions on how to download your files from Course Site.

Under the Settings Block, click on the Legacy course files folder.

You will see a listing of all your files and folder within your Legacy course files folder. Click the "Edit legacy course files" button.

Click the "Download all" button.  Save your file to your hard drive, H drive, or cloud service.

If you need to add a file that resides in the downloaded folder to your course, simply navigate to the location of the particular file while adding a resource to Course Site.   Once you add the file to the front page of your course, it will be carried over when you copy your course to a new semester. 

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  1. We need to figure out why the zip files is not showing up in google from the file picker. Issue seems to be with zip file.