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Course Site allows faculty to create assignments that require students to submit various types of digital content (i.e., Word documents, PDFs, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) or to type directly into a text box for a short text-based task. Student work is only visible to the teacher, not other students unless it is a group assignment. Submitted assignments can then be downloaded by the faculty and grades/feedback can be added directly to Course Site. PDF file formats however, can be viewed and marked up completely in the browser, there is no need to download the file. 

The Assignment activity has many components, only a few important settings and features will be highlighted in the documentation below. For more complete information, please see the Moodle Documentation. To see specific information about a setting or option while creating or editing an Assignment, click on the help icon, which is the circled grey question mark located to the right of most items.

The Assignment feature of Course Site has 3 components:

Creating the assignment

Collecting the submitted assignments

Grading the assignments

Creating the Assignment


To add an assignment, turn editing on and and click the Add an activity or resource button in the preferred block.

Choose Assignment.  Note - The help text associated with each activity is extremely helpful.


Enter an Assignment name and Description (both fields are required).

The rest of the Assignment canvas is optional, but below are some important settings worth highlighting.

Availability - Allows you to set the dates from which the assignment can be submitted.

Note - The help buttons are extremely helpful.

Submission settings - By default, the "Require students click submit button" is set to "No."  This option allows students to add and re-add a file as many times as they want before the due date.  But they MUST click the submit button before the assignment is due, or the faculty will not receive the file.  The option is usually used when students have intermittent access to the internet or would like to store their file before they send it.

You can specify that a student submit some online text here or certain type of file (such as a pdf) here:

Feedback types - By default, only the "Feedback comments" feature is checked.  If you would like to be able to send files that include comments back to students you will need to check "Feedback files."

Group submission settings - You will need to create groups in Course Site but a group can submit a single file.  Faculty then give one grade that is delivered to all group members. 

Restrict Access - This setting allows faculty to hide and make available content on a specific day/time and for a specified amount of time.

Note - Restrict Access is NOT the due date.  Due date is set up in availability.  

Collecting the Submitted Assignments

Once all the files have been submitted in PDF format and the due date is expired, the faculty access the student work by clicking on assignments on the  activities block and then clicking on the "Grade" link in the specific assignment canvas.

Grading the assignments 

You can then open the students' work and enter grades and feedback.  When you are finished, be sure to click the "Save changes" button.

If you have many students in your course and would like to download the assignments submitted in other file formats all at once and save them to your machine, you can choose view all submissions and then simply click the "Grading action" drop down in the top left hand corner and choose "Download all submissions."  

This will download all the student submission into a folder on your computer.

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