Course Site allows faculty to create assignments that require students to submit various types of digital content (i.e., Word documents, PDFs, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) or to type directly into a text box for a short text-based task. Student work is only visible to the teacher (or those with grading privileges such as TAs), not other students unless it is a group assignment. Submitted assignments can then be downloaded by the faculty and grades/feedback can be added directly to Course Site. Assignments are automatically added and synched to the grade book. 

PDF file formats however, can be viewed and marked up completely in the browser, there is no need to download the file. 

The Assignment activity has many components, only a few important settings and features will be highlighted in this documentation. For more complete information, please see the Moodle Documentation.

To see specific information about a setting or option while creating or editing an Assignment, click on the help icon, which is the circled grey question mark located to the right of most items.

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