Lehigh supports the use of Apple Technology for academic and college life. Apple is currently the most popular computer brand among Lehigh students.

Web browsers, Microsoft Office, CourseSite, Lehigh Gmail and Google Suite are the primary software applications used at Lehigh by students, faculty and staff on personally-owned computers, and these work similarly on Windows and Mac. Certain course work, however, may require students to use software that runs only on Windows.  Macs are able to access many of these Windows software applications remotely via LUApps.  There are also several ways to add Windows capabilities to a Mac, including free solutions such as Boot Camp or VirtualBox. Students should consult the Student Technology and Repair Services web site for current recommendations and support limitations due to the complexity of these options.


Web Store

Shop with education pricing at apple.com (or click Promo banner if above)

Apple education pricing is a great way for college students and faculty and staff to purchase Mac computers, Apple software, and select accessories at special prices. Newly accepted students are also eligible, as are parents purchasing on behalf of their student. By purchasing through the following website you are supporting Lehigh University.

You are able to have your order shipped directly to you, or choose to pick it up at your local Apple Retail Store!

Recommended Warranty

Lehigh recommends 3-year AppleCare+ warranty for Macs. It's important to note that AppleCare+ does offer limited accidental damage protection (see details at Apple.)

Check the Warranties & Repair section for further information and hardware repair procedures.

Account Representatives


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