If you're a user of Google's Android OS on a tablet or phone, you can install the Citrix Workspace there to access applications by following the procedure below.

1.  Open the Google Play Store

google play store icon

2.  Search for 'Citrix Workspace', and navigate to it's page.  

(The program was previously called 'Citrix Receiver')

searching for citrix receiver page in play store

3.  On the Citrix Workspace page, click on 'Install'.  

The screen will indicate 'Download pending'.


4.  When the installation finishes, click 'Open'.

5.  Answer the questions about the program's ability to access information on your device:

1) Photos, Media, and Files,

2) Location,

3) Making Phone Calls,

4) Recording Audio. 

These things will only happen if the application you access requires them. 

android permissions medley

6.  After you grant permissions, the app will open, and you'll get to the initial setup screens.  

Click 'Got It' and 'Get Started', and then enter the server name 'luapps.lehigh.edu' and enter your Lehigh username and password.  

If that goes according to plan, you'll see the favorites screen shown in the next step.

android workspace setup screens

7.  When you first log in, you arrive at your 'Home' screen, which will be empty.  Tap the 'Apps' icon to see the apps available to you.  

Each 'app' has a 'star' button next to it.  Click that to add that app to your 'Home' screen as a 'Favorite'.  

Remember to pay close attention to the gestures available -- for example, a 'three-finger tap' may be needed to display the on-screen keyboard.  A 'pinch' may be required to zoom in or out.

android workspace home screen