The instructions below should assist most Android users with getting connected.  For more info, check the Wireless FAQ, or contact the Help Desk.

1.  In order to successfully complete the configuration, you'll need to be in a location with wireless coverage.  See Campus WiFi Coverage for more info.

2.  On your Android device, open your Wi-Fi settings to see a list of available wireless networks.  Select "lehigh" from the list.

Select lehigh wifi network

3.  On the Lehigh Wi-Fi settings screen select:

  • "PEAP" for the EAP method
  •  "MSCHAPV2" for the Phase 2 authentication
  • "Do Not Validate" for CA Certificate
  • "" for Domain

Enter your Lehigh username and password then press connect.

Android settings for Lehigh Wi-Fi

4.  Upon successfully logging in, your device will show a window indicating a status of 'Connected'.

Successful log into Lehigh wireless

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