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Access to LTS’ Adobe Spark for Higher-Ed - 2 GB licenses are assigned to all Lehigh Federated ID user Adobe Accounts. There is no charge for these licenses, they are currently included as part of LTS’ current purchase agreement with Adobe.

What does LTS’ Adobe Spark for Higher Ed provide?

  • 2 GB of Creative Cloud file sync storage
  • Adobe Spark (What is Adobe Spark?)
  • Behance and Portfolio Community
  • Fonts
  • InDesign Publish Online
  • XD Publish Services

What Lehigh Accounts have access?

The following user account populations are currently provisioned with an Adobe Spark for Higher-Ed - 2 GB license as of 7-Apr-2020:

  • student (includes undergraduate and graduate) — 7,750
  • faculty — 876
  • staff — 1,287

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