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Value Incentive Program (VIP)… is the subscription licensing program LTS uses for bulk license purchasing of product licenses.
Creative Cloud (CC)
… depending on context may be referring to the overall set of available products, applications and services, or may be referring to a specific product (ex. “Creative Cloud All Apps  - 50 GB”).
Creative Cloud All Apps,
CC All Apps
… used within the context of LTS’ supported Adobe licensing is referring to products which entitle subscribers to the use of, quite literally, all applications within the Creative Cloud line.
Named User License (NUL)… refers to a product licensed and delegated to a user’s Federated ID (ex.
Shared Device License (SDL)… refers to a special product licensed for use on computers for which (an arbitrary number of) users will need to use the software on that computer but will not have their own user licenses. These are used in lab and classroom deployments (ex. Digital Media Studio) and have very strict and restrictive requirements for acquisition.
Creative Cloud Desktop App (CCDA)… is the primary and required application for accessing your NUL license entitlements.
Identity Provider (IdP)… in the context of Named User Licenses, Lehigh University is the only supported IdP for Federated  ID accounts. (While Adobe does support the use of Google, Facebook, and Apple as IdP’s for personal Adobe ID accounts, LTS can not and does not.) SAML terminology.
Service Provider… in the context of Named User Licenses, Adobe is the Service Provider. SAML terminology.
Adobe Account… can be either a personal Adobe ID—which is not associated with or managed by Lehigh, and cannot have licenses delegated. See also Types of Adobe Accounts.
Federated ID

… is the type of Adobe Account which LTS uses to enable SSO (Single Sign-On) authentication allowing you access to your entitlements.
Adobe ID… is a type of Adobe Account which external to LTS, and cannot be used for delegating LTS-provided licenses.
Product Configuration (PC)… is a customizable, limited set of attributes and settings for a specific Product which can be used to provide different administrative controls and/or user experiences appropriate for specific deployment situations. It can also be used to set quotas for a User Group. (Ex. an administrative department, for security and privacy reasons, may need to disable social media related applications, or a cloud-based PDF processing service for their staff; another may wish to simply disable the notification email; and so forth).
entitlements… refer to the items included in a Product Configuration which delegated to an Adobe Account. (These may include desktop applications, cloud storage, Fonts, etc.)
provisioned… means a user has been delegated a Product Configuration, and that a license is available for that configuration.
delegated…  means a that a Product Configuration has been assigned to an Adobe Account.