Available roles and permissions

There are a variety of roles available for use within Course Site. The roles most commonly assigned to individuals by instructors in courses include: TA (teaching assistants), Grader, and Visitor. For a quick overview and easy-to-understand chart showing the available roles and their permissions, please see Course Site Roles and Permissions Explained.

Please note: All academic Course Site courses are fed faculty and student enrollment information from Banner as soon as the registration/assignment has been entered into Banner.

  • In order for faculty to be associated with their Course Site course(s), they must be entered as the instructor of record for that course in Banner.
  • There is no need to manually enroll properly-registered students into course sites, therefore the Student role can NOT be manually assigned. 

    Instructors may request temporary student access for individuals working through registration issues by filling out the course access request form.

However, here's what to do if you are an instructor and a student appears on your course roster but does not appear in your Course Site course.

Adding users to a course and assigning available roles

To add and user and assign them a role (e.g. TA, Grader, Visitor) in your course, first log into Course Site and navigate to the course in which you want to enroll them.

  1. Go to Participants in Quick Navigation Drawer in upper left.

  2. On the Enrolled Users page that loads, click the Enroll users button (typically at the top right or bottom right of the page).

    This page will also display other potentially useful information about enrolled users. The Last access to course column will show last time accessed the course.

  3. The Enroll users pop-up window will appear (pictured below). Use the Assign roles drop-down menu to choose the correct role.

    You will only see roles for which you have permission to grant. If you do not select a role, the person will simply be enrolled in the course and show up in the list of users but unable to interact with the course in any capacity due to the lack of assigned role.
  4. Browse or search for the user. You can search on last name, first name, or username, by entering the search string in the search field.  There will be a short wait for suggested names to appear.
    • Note: If a person is already enrolled in the course, there will be no suggestions.
  5. Select the user you wish to add from the list of suggestions.
  6. When you have found the person to enroll, click the Enroll button in the row corresponding to the person you want to enroll (or opposite the user's name and email).

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