Each school year, Lehigh offers a generous allowance of free printing which satisfies the printing needs of over 90% of all users. However, we realize that this free allowance may not be sufficient for every user. Although we are not able to grant additional free printing beyond the standard allowance, users are able to add more printing points to their balance at any time.

To add points to your PaperCut account, simply go to the Circulation Desk of either library (EWFM or LInderman) and speak to a staff member. You can pay using either your GoldPlus or Bursar account.

Keep in mind:

  • Although you can add any amount you'd like, be sure that you don't add more than you are able to use (you can add more anytime). Any unused points CANNOT be refunded.
  • You can keep track of your printing balance by logging into your PaperCut account or viewing the public site desktop gadget. If your balance is low and you know that you will still have considerable printing to do, you may wish to add points preemptively. When your balance reaches 0.00, you will not be able to print.
  • Printing fees vary from site to site. While the cost for a single-sided b&w print at LTS public site printers is only $0.05, specialty printers in certain non-LTS sites may charge significantly more. Keep this in mind both when printing and when adding points to your account.
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